50 Shades of Green Tote Bag


50 Shades by Angus Hyland, printed on 100% organic cotton made in an ethically accredited wind-powered factory.

“It’s hand-drawn, to highlight the importance of individual action. And it features many different shades of green, because although green is a shorthand for the environment, for some reason graphically we tend to treat it as a block colour, ignoring all the variety that occurs in nature. So I decided to use it in as many shades as possible, highlighting both the variety in nature and the many different ways to save the planet. As an added bonus, it also gave me a nice pun for the title.”

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Do The Green Thing Official Clothing is made from 100% Organic Cotton produced in an ethically accredited wind powered factory and printed only using environmentally friendly inks.

You can discover the origins of all Do The Green Thing Official Clothing Merchandise using our award winning, From Seed to Shop, traceability map.

100% Organic Cotton Twill Weave (170g/5.1 oz) / Made in an ethically accredited, wind-powered factory / Low Carbon / Hand finished in the UK

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Tote Bag Size Chart

One Size

Width [a]

Height [b]

36cm / 14"

40cm / 15"


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It is almost impossible to make an ethical choice if you don’t know where clothing comes from, how it is made and who made it. With us you can take a more in depth look at the supply chain and find out how the certified organic products we use are made, who makes them and how they get here. It is called traceability.

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